This weeks Friday Finds is better than a turkey sandwich.

1 Miquel Atwood-Ferguson & Carlos Nino - Nag Champa
J Dilla gone orchestral
2 Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh - Buck Jump Time 
the one and only mannie fresh, is this a swing beat?
3 Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds - Kris Kringle Ju Ju 
dirty garage funk from Eagle Rock
4 Dishwasher - Happy Valentine's Day 
"dreamy milkshake"
5 Exile - The Sound of God 
radio trolling LA producer with a heart
6 Sounds of JHS 126 Brooklyn - Chill Pill (Underwater Mix) 
Arthur Russell's uber hip hop phase
7 Major Lazer - Hold the Line (DJ Edit) 
Diplo and Switch team up for vomit inducing hack bullshit...that i still kinda like cause i'm a little surfacey sometimes.  Santigold makes an appearance.
8 Crocodiles - I Wanna Kill 
90's feedback meets 50's tunefulness...beware of moderate boredom unless 14 years old or nostalgic for the Jesus and the Mary Chain
9 Betty Padgett - Love Me Forever 
A forgotten legend.
10 Comet Gain - You Can Hide Your Love Forever 
cutesy poopsy
11 NOMO - Invisible Cities 
Is Nomo getting a little agro these days?
12 Mika Mako - Turkey Sandwich 
pretty straight forward punk from the Smell scene.
13 The Boswell Sisters - The Music Goes Round and Round 
oh de oooh...

Download the zipped mix here

Also just for fun I'm posting this short Canadian experimental film from the 50's that I saw at a bar near me a couple months back and was so thrilled to find online.

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