The Blackfoot - The Foot Steps

More incredible Zambian rock from the 70's.  This record is has some traces of traditional zambian drumming and guitar work, but it plays like an afropop Creedence.  Straight forward, all heart, all fuzz.
Blackfoot - When I Needed You

Download the whole record here
Stream the new Beautiful Swimmers 12" over at Rush Hour right now.  I put an insta-classic Beautiful Swimmers track on a Friday Finds way back and I've been waiting patiently for them to drop anything new.  I don't normally feel this way about most of the new dance music coming out, especially anything even resembling chillwave, but there's something special going on with D.C.'s Future Times; I can't find anything wrong with anything they've put out.  Listen especially to "Big Coast", smart, lean, reggae dipped dance is the way of the future.  Pre-orders only for now, and good luck finding this anywhere online, though if you do, please let me know.