Pretty fresh psych oriented dance EP from duo Neon Indian who are split between Austin and Brooklyn. Nothing too new here, super hipster poseur stuff, everything is a bit exaggerated, sloppy and disaffected, but altogether charming. "Deadbeat Summer" plays on a disfigured Motown bounce, with some nice childrens TV synth with the portamento set super high. An evasive, lazy vocal intones the title. Apparently no one has enough energy, or it's just too hot out, to sing with their mouths more than 10% open. Although it is nice to see some downtempo numbers out of these bands. I'm sometimes bored with the 120 standard, with the same rubber bass settings, and the gauzey synths; we get some of that here (see the MGMT/Midnight Juggernauts copping "Local Joke" or "Seriously, It's Over" with its faux lofi muffled synth). But even on these arrangements that look a bit too familiar, there's a pleasingly minimal amount of douche bag techno 'energy' and fist pumping, and in its place there's the heart of a modest little psych band with a sense of humor (check out the disarmingly simple but sweet "Should have taken acid with you").
The track that'll probably get em the most hype is "Mind, Drips" which sounds kind of like it came off the soundtrack to Mannequin, but opens up into a gorgeous Depeche Mode meets the Beach Boys chorus. It's a great record for a lazy summer barbecue. And it's weirdly nice to hear a dance record I can't really see anyone dancing too.

Deadbeat Summer
Mind, Drips
Should Have Taken Acid With You
Local Joke
Seriously, It's Over

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