Friday Finds 5. You know you want to.

::::CAVE - Machines and Muscles
perpetual stoner flim flam
::::Irma Thomas - It's Raining
doo wop is such perfect purgatory
::::Turtle Ambulance - Money
terrible. name. have you heard of High Places? i like this version of exoticized tribalism too
::::Cheval Sombre - Little Bit of Heaven
i hate the word "trippy"
::::Cult of Isis - Right Turn, Wrong Street (feat Boots)
early 90's oakland hip-hop gone country way before kid rock had the chance to soil everything
::::Nite Jewel - Chimera
a bit knowing, but slippery enough
::::Jacques Renault - Tuxedo Dance
makes me want to do this helicopter thing
::::Discovery - Osaka Loop Line
off shoot of Vampire Weekend...really? sometimes the arpeggio button is just a crutch...
::::Glasser - Glad (Delorean remix)
more of this please. producers need songs, songstresses need beats
::::Real Estate - Black Lake
scenester sponges
::::Lamburg Tony - Fy Coco
see below
::::Julian Lynch - Banana Jam Pt. 1
nap it out
::::Karamoko Keita - Diama
african guitar mesmerization
::::Vareid - Skumle Planer
O.C. sunset bike ride
::::Andrew Buckingham - What Your Words Have Done To Me
"Can I caress your verbs?"!!! this song makes me more than a little uncomfortable and not just from embarrassment.

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