Burial/Four Tet split 12". Hard to find! Dark and dreamy. Post dance. "Moth" is occluded, romantic, and very much Burial. But its got less textural density and melodrama than we're used to from him. It basically rides a somber, insistent motif (anyone notice the similarity with Console's remix of Subtle's "F.K.O."?) around the clock stopping in at around 4:00 for a little hint of the dancefloor before whisking itself off to fantasy land. "Wolf Cub" shows the clackety side of Four Tet side for sure. Marimbas, bone sounds, crackles, and a familiar cascade of twinkling arps swirl around an impatient two step shuffle. There's some signature Burial in the underwater bloops, a drone that looms without notice, and the exorcized vocal that makes an appearance near the end of the track. The convergence of these two very polarizing forces in electronic music is a fascinating one. Burials music acts almost to reign in Four Tet more exotic, improvisatory indulgences, and Four Tet brings a lightness, of affect, of his timbral materials, and within the mix, as well as a structural freedom and expansiveness that, despite Burial's textural interest in expansiveness, can't help but by tempered by his supremely anal retentive approach to composition. It's actually the best thing I've heard from either of them.

Wolf Cub

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