two more text pieces today.  both diagrammatic.

Two tracks off the new Arthur Russell record called Love is Overtaking Me out on Audika yesterday. Arthur Russell did a lot of dreamy americana tinged minimalism with philip glass and others in the downtown scene in the 80's. On the side (and awesomely) he made a bunch of really idiosyncratic stoned disco records that feature melodies not unlike the stuff on Love is Overtaking Me just with extended, softened, spacey dance beats. He's also an amazing cellist and plays it in the most unaffected way I've ever heard.  Also there's a documentary out about him which you can check out at Here he's rendering obsolete the entire output of Belle and Sebastian in 'habit of you' and still manages to channel Fleetwood Mac with the pedal steel work.  In 'I couldn't say it to your face', he sounds kinda like jackson browne, or some CSNY incarnate, but it's just a gorgeous song and rings far truer than any of those types.  Somebody tell me how to make music this authentic.

This is the first of a long long (too long) project where I remix every one of the Goldberg variations by Bach.

BWV 988 Variation 1 (Remix)

Video of Sarah Palin's interview with Katie but accompanied by piano in a way that fits the rhythm of her speech and suggestively interprets the melodic contour of her voice. All with a disturbingly pleasant vibe.

recent text pieces of mine: most of these are to function as musical scores. others are more poetic. still others graphic.