Technology is advancing! This is my first attempt at direct file hosting, so now you can just click on the track link and it will download (for all my files not just from now on).  Woohoo!  Also I'm embedding a player so you can listen from the site while you read or look at pretty pictures.  This is a cut from London based Pariah who belongs with the Flylo, Mike Slott, (aquacrunk/wonky/what did I call it? oh yeah, "thunk"...still waitin for that to catch on...) and puts in a nice homage to Detroit soul and J Dilla both with the requisite technicolor synths (more bitcrushed and gloomy like Burial would have it), a high hat shuffle that's straight out of Timbaland's library, and some satisfyingly loose claps.

Detroit Falls Mixdown

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Peter said...

Please leave a comment if you have trouble with the music player. It's acting pesky on some computers.