The new Milky Disco compilation (#2 which is really #3 because of a 1.5 they put out) is out featuring some really nice cuts from all around the nu dance world. Many sounds that are already feeling a bit outmoded from relative old timers (!) like Black Devil Disco Club, and Glass Candy, but there's a bunch of new faces and sounds nonetheless. If there's a trend or pattern going on, it's with the use of acoustic kits instead of the same old synthdrum presets. You can hear it nicely on "You Are Amen", Pollyester's track that they did full blown reworking of. This time it's slower, less manic, and really cleans the palette with a thankfully unreverbed and annunciated vocal dead pan. But it's the clarity of the snare as it plays against a periodically blown out, dubby, version of that same sound that really gives the piece a kick in the ass. Later in the track a battery of latin percussion gradually falls to and marches it to it to its end. It's a nice departure from the glazed over, nostalgia of the Italo-sleeze obsessions that marked the past few years of disco revivalism.

You Are Amen

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