2012 = Year of Pop Punk's reemergence into the mainstream.
  Royal Headache is getting a head start.  

 Stunning new release from Daniel Lopatin, synth magician, and new, new age leading light.  This has got to be the most contemporary sounding, vintage debris oriented, stoner record from the hypnagogia set.  This is why people really listen to OPN and only name check Ferraro.  

 Brazilian balearic from Resista, Dan Snaith's newish re-edit/dance label.  Super!

 Oh, this man is back with a vengeance. 

 Very intriguing release from this Montrealer, like a poppier, dance informed Broadcast for the Nite Jewel crowd.  Weird bits of folk, lofi post rock, dreamy scenarios, bargain basement samples.  The record seems to loose some focus at about track 5; songs like 'Grisgirs' in which for the last minute of the song we hear her singing what sounds like "meow meow meow" over and over.  Sorry that's just not my kind of weird.  The doomier stuff also fails to resonate much, I think largely because there's no mid-low range in any of the production.  Lots of compressed digi-trash which all seems to work with the indie-pixie stuff, but not with the Grouper-like chanteuse stuff.  Still, it's a cool entry.  Ladies of the indie midstream eyeing that space that Bjork used to occupy remain unfilled - take note. 

Sorry Pitchfork, this new Girls record sounds like a blander Soul Asylum sharted on a Crazy Horse record.  Can we stop the mid-90's shit-rock pilfering?  Same goes for you Kurt Vile.  Writing a boring song that resembles boring songs from 20 years ago is still writing a boring song.

The splicing geniuses return.

Summer stoner punk insta classic.  

 Tracks 8 and 9 of the new one from our old faves.  Start up those campfires...

The Fresh & Onlys move out of the garage, set their sights on indie rock mainstream, and fucking nail it.  Fuzz be-gone.   

REALLY excited for this release.  John Elliot from Emeralds teams up with Sam Goldberg from Radio People.  Synthy dreams.  Preorder at mego

Beautiful, folky instrumental guitar from Fabric's Matthew Mullane.  Stunning.  

Posted stuff from this Oakland based not yr average mashup dude, way back in '08, and damn if he hasn't blossomed out.  These are from his gorgeous entry into the Library Catalog series from Asthmatic Kitty.  Srsly recommended.

One of the best albums so far this year.  Dubby, woozey psych, touches on pastoral, touches on the same Terry Riley cuts everyone else from Sun Araw to Dolphins Into The Future seems to be listening to but the vocals aren't so evasive.  Get it, zone out.