Switzerland based band Low Motion Disco put out a dreamy downtempo record over the summer that I'm glad I'm finding midwinter as 08 closes down. God bless end of the year lists (I promise mine before the year is through). "Things are gonna get easier" is a reimagining of "O-o-h Child" for a a blissed out, airy perspective. It's like if you just decided to lay down in the middle of the dance floor: it's not exactly useful and it's a little embarrassing to all your disco friends who are dancing their ass off, but it produces EXTREME relaxation. And I'm all about extremes here people. Let's get sleepy y'all! Apparently Sebastien Tellier did a remix which is probably getting more play than the original. Unfortunately he must have decided that the original was just a little bit too sleepy so he basically cleared room for the vocals and Frenchified the beat and bam, the song loses all mysterious charm. So tough, I posted the original.

Things Are Gonna Get Easier

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