Hecuba, a local L.A. band from a label now becoming sort of ubiquitous round these parts, Manimal Vinyl, has a weird accumulation of parts. Some part plain old indie pop, vocals a bit dead pan like Ms. Friedberger from Fiery Furnaces (who cribs it from Yoko Ono and Patti Smith anyway), playful repetitions of lyrics, kiddy toy noises, but with a tendency for some squonky glitch, some doomy dub, and a feisty temper that comes out of no where. Something darker lurking underneath to be sure, hard to place it exactly. They definitely like hip-hop but they won't flirt with high production values or fancy synths opting instead for old oscillators, a moog, and a roland juno or something. Irreverent as hell. But also completely quixotic and catchy as fuck, especially that arpeggiating bleepy synth lick in Tom and Jerry which is cut straight from Pharrell's book of tricks.

Tom and Jerry

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