A kind of tribute here to the late George Brecht, who died Dec 5. One of the primary forces in the Fluxus art movement from the '60s, Brecht started out making chance oriented paintings and print work and then like so many, took a class from John Cage at the new school in experimental music and started making chance music and conceptual scores often with little or no reference to noisemaking whatsoever as a primary condition for music making. In that sense he really pushed the boundaries of what music could be defined as and at the same time opened up art making (along with Naim June Paik and co.) to a praxis of music score oriented work. His work is often modest in its size and use of materials, but has the conceptual punch of other great prankster provocation artists. I posted a couple of his event score pieces that have been really influential for some of the scores I've been working on, as well a video piece called entrance to exit that's about as spare and clean as you can get. It's really refreshing to get back to stuff like this, it reminds you how not to think when you're trying to understand.

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