Andrew Bird - Sectionate City

Andrew Bird - From the Basement from QandnotU on Vimeo.

Reliable (and beautiful) source found this clip of Andrew Bird playing a new tune of his in Nigel Godrich's (the longtime producer/engineer for Radiohead and many other essential bands Pavement, Air, Beck etc) web show called 'from the basement'. You know I was just recently feeling glum about Andrew Bird after listening to a tune of his I used to dig in a J. Crew but then I realized I was the one paying J. Crew and they were paying Andrew Bird, plus I got an awesome red cap. Also Andrew Bird works really well with lyrics despite the fact that they make as little sense as Beck's lyrics, they sound good coming out of his mouth. Plus a nice paired down song optimizing that loop machine; stacked pizzicato lines, a nice self chorusing effect, some col legno ethereality (that's when he plays with the wood of the bow instead of the hair, and his old school big vibrato whistle. Boy's got some skills and he's made a nice niche for himself writing these offhand, crafty songs that are really pretty affecting.

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