Tussle is a dub/dance band out of San Francisco. Their new record is called Cream Cuts on Smalltown Supersound. Kind of Can/Cluster-ish Krautrock, not much changes throughout the song but the beats are hard and true, there's ample and woody bass, and some found sound thrown in for experimentalist cred. By the way, what in hell does 'experimental rock' mean anyway? Are they conducting rock experiments? Is it just a futuristic way of saying that it's not your average rock? Let's drop this term experimental for all bands who aren't actually trying to use experimental procedures (i.e. testing phenomena in a controlled setting without commitment to the particular outcome) and are merely confused about what to call themselves. Anyway, Meh Teh the last track on the record hits the sweet spot and sticks to it. When was the last time the last track on a record was the best one?

Meh Teh

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