Jib Kidder is a mashup artist from SF who released his first record at the end of September on Portland based States Rights.  It's an accumulation of a widely divergent map of interests for this guy;  gamelan, mannie fresh beats, found sounds, herbie hancock, mainstream hits of many decades (much like the conspicuous consumption of greg gillis) folk, club rap, who knows what else.  But unlike girl talk he makes everything feel more roomy, more off the cuff, funnier, quirkier, more personal.  And without losing the sense of cultural commentary, for my money this shit is way deeper in the pocket as a hip-hop/dance record.  Notwithstanding this, and though I've never seen what his shows are like (if they exist yet), it would be hard for me to imagine this turning into the sweaty freakfest that girl talk shows get their cred from.  It's no where near as hyped and maybe a bit too interesting.  But for what it's worth it's still nice to have another original voice in the mashup scene not just trying to make club bangers, or the next mia vs. the muppets band vs. tiny tim vs. martha stewart record.  'cause i've heard too many of those already.  

*Windowdipper is of particular note for being the fattest record ever to sample the functional noises of the Windows platform.

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