Richard Prince at Gagosian.

Ridiculously good Richard Prince collages that I scooped from the NY Times round up of galleries in the city today. The two that I am posting are my favorites but the gagosian site has a bunch of nice big shots here.  It seems like a big flesh fest at first and they're arresting in not a particularly polite way.  Prostrated, highly endowed pinups with facial features blotted or masked, rastafaris with guitars thrust upon them awkwardly, bodies cramped together, floating awkwardly in space or lopped off at the stomach and half in the frame.  They're clearly a kind of updating of 'Demoiselles', or Gauguin's exoticized Tahitian women, but he's smirking too hard to eat the charge of colonialism. In the gallery shots, you can see how big and badass they are. Plus there's a 1987 Buick Grand National with a bunch of photos of biker chicks pasted on to it (someone asked me at the Martin Kippenberger show at MoCA why it seems like every contemporary art show he sees has a car in it. I'm pretty sure it's Richard Prince's fault).  It's all a bit vicious for sure, the cut outs, the aggressively haphazardous composition, the burlesque.  But it's also hot, punishing, and real.  

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