This is a track from John Zorn's record that came out last spring only I just found out about it now. It's a exotic pop oriented record leaning towards surf, lounge, santa style latin rock, and lou reed simplicity. Marc Ribot's meaty exactitude rules throughout, and only on a few occasions do we get the skronk and squeal we're used to from Zorn's sax. It's ├╝ber-pleasing and has to be a bit tongue in cheek as if it was a record made for TV show licensing in the 60's. But that's fairly reassuring. Mow Mow, the track I have posted, has a drooping melody that just seems to cycle back on itself. A loose brushy beat, some B3, vibes, a lazy night on the beach. It's harder than it looks to pull this off.

Mow Mow

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