Just found out about this LA based artist named Steve Roden whose does painting, drawing, sculpture, film/video, sound installation, and performance.  His work itself is pretty interesting (particularly for its relation to and use of music notation and graphic scoring, but for me it's fresh to be able to check out all the images that he's looking at before he works, or lets sit in the backdrop of his studio.  He posts them regularly on his blog which is listed on my links as airform archives.  But even better is his flickr page which has just an awesome accumulation of strange photography, diagrams, paintings etc.  

The bottom image is a sort of score derived from diagrams of constellations and the actual star names themselves.  For some of these scores you place them under the strings of a zither (an eastern european string instrument that looks like a dulcimer or an autoharp) and use the speaker/star forms as guide to pluck each string.  For others he arranged audio clips of harmonica notes in a sequencer according to the speaker/star forms so the sound becomes somehow a reflection of the form of the constellation...well whatever...it's a metaphor ok?  

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