This new Basement Jaxx single makes me want to be 15 in a European club for the first time, drinking shitty weak cocktails and watching sweaty Spaniards sweat on unassuming but generally enthusiastic American girls wearing miniskirts too short for the suburbs. When the beat drops at 1:00 everybody is gonna jump up and down like idiots and it'll all start making sense. There's about 6 too many gimmicks in this song, but you got to hand it to them for the stacked density of elements and the buzzy engine driving the whole thing. I could of used not ever hearing the lyrics "Just like a waterfall, straight through the heart of me", a seriously cringeworthy moment that nearly derails the whole track. But listen, imagine all those sweaty Spaniards shouting those lyrics in broken english and then earnestly leaning in for a sloppy slurp and a mean dancefloor hump and the picture starts to look a bit more benign.


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