Just what the hell are the Danish up to these days you ask? Well there's Lamburg Tony. Sound collage hip hop (sort of) made with pots, pans, toys and field recordings (casinos?), drums and bottles, and vintage synths. Then everything gets recorded onto old tape machines (why?) and sent of to get mastered by electronic agitator Goodiepal (?!). Just what the hell are the Danish up to these days? They're outta their minds, that's what. Who said it was ok to make music this free? Why is it that this music has zero presence in the American avant pop scene? I can't get my hands on his full record unless I fork over 22 euro and wait for the LP to show up that's partly why. Lamburg Tony is opening for Black Dice on some European dates so maybe we can expect something but I'm not holding my breath. I've got one track off Hip Hop Nation which is a gem, and makes Prefuse 73's new album sound like it was made in 1992. Screwed up vocal samples, glissing harps, a cut up ragged flute line, and a dirty ass drum beat. Try out his myspace for more or get ambitious about the LP.


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