Gooey globs of sun crusted bong haze packaged in a sticky orange wrapper. What is Black Moth Super Rainbow's new single "Twin of Myself" like? Plinky toy pianers, vintage drum machine oomphs, some nice imitative counterpoint between the rubbery bass line and the purest, truest of synth melodies they've come up with to date, everything else gets enveloped in a fuzzy blanket. Midway through an engorged synth line stretches over the whole proceedings threateningly. Oh if everything could be this perfect. I don't plan on stopping listening to this any time soon. The lyrics are fascinating in a disgusting kind of way. Something about creating a new twin of yourself from "the seed of the big black cloud above." I imagine something almost as mythologically twisted and narcissistic as this image above from their art on forthcoming album. Only with more viscous fluorescence.

Twin of Myself

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