Pictureplane is like the rated R version of Passion Pit. This is indie dance through and through, techno signposts on buzzy DIY production, moaning obliquity, faux tribalism (where necessary), anti hook simplicity, and so on. But Denver's Pictureplane (full length out on Lovepump United ) has a harsher, more carnal take on things than Passion Pit. We're not just talking about extra distortion (practically a prerequisite for Lovepump), but something more dangerous in the whole chemical makeup. Passion Pit's lead Michael Angelakos sounds like a 5 year old girl who just got given a full My Little Pony set. It's all coming up roses for Passion Pit, they're barely out of college and they're fucking signed to Frenchkiss. A year ago they were playing shitty bars and parties in Allston, and goofing off. There's something so smugly benign about bands that started at college. They're cute, and of the moment, but it's all a game to them, like turning in papers. At some point they're gonna pack up and go back to grad school, get a house in the burbs...
I don't know what Pictureplane's Travis Egedy's story is, but I know that he's got something innately empathetic about his voice that he needs to get more serious about employing. He's not a singer, you can tell that much, but he needs to sing louder and with more confidence, and get some lessons on holding that tune (I sound really dorky right now but I'm dead serious). This makes his voice a liability in a way, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It lends tension even as it makes it more approachable. Also, here's an idea, let's drop the whole off-the-cuff, lyrics as fashionable accessories, and actually write down something that has an ability to communicate an idea. Doesn't have to be a story, or a message, or even all the coherent, but let's at least string some words together to form an idea. The words "day glowwed", pretty much only lyrics from the track of the same name, are a nice image for this style of burnt out house, but really they're completely devoid of meaning. The best "song" he's got here is "Wearing a Nothing Cloak". It's the most fleshed out structurally, and has the most individual voice. But "Day Glowwed" is certainly the track that's got the biggest appeal for this scene. Hit this stuff up now, it's only this vulnerable for a short time before we watch this kid grow up and do something awesome.

Pictureplane - Day Glowwed

Pictureplane - Wearing a Nothing Cloak

Pictureplane - Future Step

Pictureplane - Flashion (You Designed My Mind)


Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard any of his new tracks off his album dropping August 4th?

Anonymous said...

oh my god thank you. i've been looking for this song forever.