Free Energy is a band from Philly who just got signed to DFA. It's a bit a departure for DFA largely because this is pretty far from electronic dance music and there aren't even any synths involved. But if you think about some of rockier directions of LCD Soundsystem's last record, particularly "New York I love You" I don't think it's such a huge surprise. James Murphy has a penchant for anthems, particularly those late night burners you revel in when the third keg shows up, and the party is getting revived. There's only one track available right now from Free Energy's forthcoming DFA release. "Dream City" is a sort of instant classic cruiser tune, that is, until Mitsubishi or some other co-opting force gets ahold of it, but for now; apply liberally to all moments of medium fun and nostalgia. True, the singer comes off a little bit prude for my tastes (he needs to grow a little on his chest and slam a few thousand beers), but that 70's generic guitar tone, the fender rhodes, the gorgeous sax solo towards the end of the track (straight outta Lou Reed no?) really yuck up a warm feelin don't it?

Dream City

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