The new grizzly bear album just leaked this morning. Too bad it's 128 kbps, we'll have to wait till the release date (may 26) to hear the album in hi-fi but still, it's pretty unbelievably beautiful at this quality - early highlight tracks: two weeks, about face, i live with you and pretty everything else on the album. Biggest record of the year? ....(decade?) In all honesty, I'm completely biased, i grew up with ed droste the lead singer. I'm not posting the link to the leak for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say that it's a pretty astounding piece of music. please please please buy the album and support one of the most orchestrationally imaginative, melodically gifted, structurally audacious bands in the world. Also, they just posted their tour dates for the summer here. They'll be in LA at the Wiltern June 19 (!)

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