Today marks the first in a weekly series called Friday Finds where I make a mix of those items that have, amidst my musical travels and explorations, peaked my interest in celebration of that day of all days, the day that gets God the most props, the day they call Friday. Here's your playlist for this week. 

Mongo Santamaria - The Windjammer
Bonzo Goes to Washington - 5 Minutes (C-C-C-Club Mix)
Goodie Mob - Hat Low
Silver Apples - Ruby
Sun Ra - Island in the Sun
The Eloise Trio - Chi Chi Merengue
I Led 3 Lives - 5 Curious Red (In Flagranti Mix)
Big Daddy - Twister's Ball
Onra - Super Genesis (Feat. H├Ązel)
M. Templeton + aA. Munson - This Will Pass
The Sea and Cake - Weekend
Raekwon - Blue Eagles
Bullion - Wouldn't It Be Nice (J Dilla and Pet Sounds mashup)
Emeralds - Alive in the Sea of Information
Moondog - Tress Against the Sky

Click here to download the zipped mix

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Anonymous said...

Great mixes, except for the protected files that plunge me into the black hole of darn.