Micachu is a fresh face from east London, her first record called Jewellery comes out early February on Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records, produced by none other than the man himself. The last time (I can recall) he anointed a songstress with his skills, Moloko's Roisin Murphy came out with an unbelievable record (Ruby Blue) and Micachu's will no doubt enjoy the same fate despite being a much weirder, more raw, and in lots of ways more interesting project (maybe than some of Herbert's own. Anybody bored of the whole big band thing?). Micachu's voice is really what carries the thing although the brutal eclecticism of these pieces really takes them elsewhere. Her voice is at first listen airy and dreamy, then you notice how strident it becomes, hardened by something unknowably badass. Plus there are flashes of hip-hop call and response, sort of like a less evasive CocoRosie, that fit in seamlessly. The production has elements of Herbert's micro house style, some grime, electro, which is all well and good, but what's really interesting about it is that Herbert has mixed it so that it sounds like a dirty garage band with all the tubes and tiny tweeters maxed out and driven to hell, with another digitally inclined doppleganger laid on top of the first, analogue band. With all the instruments squashed like a cheap Nuggets revival, and all the blips coming in technicolor, there's so much space between these two extremes that it makes you wonder what Micachu and Herbert are getting at (cause he's always got a manifesto right?). Is this a band that's been remixed? Why spend so much time perfecting the compression on the bassline but let the guitars sound like they're on some forgotten bedroom b-side? Ultimately, the really good thing is that Herbert's really NOT pushing an agenda, Micachu just has a stratified style and it feels by turns jumbled and intensely focused in all the right places (just as her voice is). It's not tremendously likely that she'll be able to hit big with this release (with the exception of Golden Phone which is just too fucking catchy), but for those who want a taste of the next thing here you go. P.S. I've heard someone in her band The Shapes, or maybe her, plays the Hoover Vacuum during shows. I wonder if Fishman knows about this...

Golden Phone
Abandon Ship
Lone Ranger

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