eR DoN (real name Robert Nelson) is a Seattle based glitch-hop dude with jazz tendencies on Fourthcity. Reminds me somewhat of the acoustic cutups of the Books, but with the boom bap programming of Anticon's back catalogue. In fact, Anticon shouldn't have invested so much in Son Lux who fizzled out in a minute, if they wanted cross genre instrumental weirdness they should have slapped this dude on their roster. Then again, they've got Dosh who gives jam bands a bad name and only sounds hip-hop if you think that hip-hop means hard down beats and shuffling snares. eR DoN is refreshing perhaps precisely because he's not really putting on a hip-hop face like everyone at Anticon is trying to do (except Why? who's past that and now is just the weirdest emo kid on the block). He's interested in clean jumps of timbre, a lean beat, and sudden formal left turns. It helps I think that his process is really putting a bunch of disparate ideas on an MPC and like a puzzle piecing them together. The album gets a little samey in all honesty partly because no section lasts longer than a handful of moments and you wish he'd change up the palette sometimes (no more melodica!!) or at least stick with one sound for a bit longer (sort of the same problem Girl Talk had with his early shit; just too ADD) but it's still a nice entry into improvisational hip-hop.

Why Candy Thumbs
Two Nelsons and a Detachable Face

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