Friday Finds is back. Numero 8.

Highway Memorial Shrine - Nodzzz "illegally cute lofi garage"

Black - Dam Funk "LA's inheritor of all thing funkadelic"

true enemies & false friends (yesteryears suite) - Klimek "a brass fanfare in orbit"

Laughing Owl - John Zorn "Zorn made another lounge album, woot woot!"

tryouts - Javelin "soundtrack to your trip to the aquarium"

Girls - Doe N Reezy "in what club do girls get crazy to songs like this?"

Candy Girl - Trailer Trash Tracys "biggest snare sound ever, and heart breaker of a tune"

Open Up the Watergate (Let the Sunshine In) - Bert Jansch "who knew politics could sound this warm"

Apology To Pollinateurs - Karl Blau "psych funk, from a K records all star"

Don't Need No - Pink Dollaz "the anthem from LA's 'jerkin' scene"

Feel It All Around - Washed Out "dayglo beats from newcomer outta South Carolina"

Gold Light - The Pink Noise "android Fonzie posturing"

The Laurels of Erotomania - Cold Cave "the best new dark wave. FYI Erotomania is a type of delusion in which the affected person believes that another person is in love with him or her"

Last One Awake (Friend Version) - Memory Cassette "topical tropical"

Trap Goin Ham - Pill " two day old shit....nope, harder than that. check out the insane video"

No Hello - Illuminations "what the world wants old Wilco to sound like"

Madagascar - Lake "Jill's jam"

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